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Get Paid To Eat. Get Paid To Shop. Get Paid To Sleep.

Yes, the title of this blog post is true. Bumping into this awesome app is a goldmine and I am more than happy to share this to everyone. Most posts doesn't give you the treasure right away. Usually they let you drag all the way down until the end of the article until they say "here it is". Well not me. Behold the one App that gets you paid when you eat, when you shop, and when you sleep. I present you, Dosh.

Dosh is a one of a kind app that gives you cash back when you eat on specific restaurants or fast food joints depending on your area of choice, and depending on which is currently available through the app itself. You can also get that sweet juice when you shop at your local few selected stores for your favorite guilty pleasure. As a guy told me once, "why not enjoy spending while you get money back from it". This is exactly what I feel when I use the app. You can also get a sweet amount of cash back when you book a hotel room using the in-app booking system. Simply select the City and Country you want to stay in; pick and choose which hotel; then get rewarded with real money.

Dosh is perfect when you link your card(s) that has Rewards Points, Miles, or Rewards Cash Back for that refund boost. More like getting a discount whenever you make purchases every time. I personally use this everyday when I get breakfast seriously. 😛

Bottom Line: I recommend using this all the time. Yet not all retail stores and restaurants are available (as of now but hopefully they expand the selection soon), but still a great app to use. The most important thing of all, they actually transfer the money. Get Dosh today.


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